Date:February 19, 2016

Alfieri Hills

This itinerary includes the South-Western part of Low Monferrato and takes the name from Alfieri Marquises, a noble family from Asti that gave birth to the famous architect Bendetto in 1699 in Rome and, fifty years later in Asti, to the great writer Vittorio too.

The symbolic Capital of this route is the village of San Martino Alfieri, where the castle of the Marquises is still visible; it was built on the project by Benedetto Alfieri and preserves the large wine cellars, the Orangerie and the Park.

This territory is confining with Roero Hills and is crossed by many streams; in this way it is really suitable for the production of many kinds of fruit and vegetable, together with the cultivation of traditional grape varieties of Monferrato. Together with them, you can find also Nebbiolo and Arneis grapes, used to produce the red “Nebbiolo doc” and the white “Roero Arneis docg”, two important wines typical in Roero area.

You cannot miss the valued Capon of San Damiano, with its tasty and delicate meat, transformed into broth or roasted meats.

In this zone, you can visit the old town of San Damiano d’Asti, with the antique arcades and small shops, and the Castle of Cisterna d’Asti which houses a rich museum dedicated to the rural tradition form the past, among artisan workshops and domestic settings from the Nineteenth century.

And for a special toast.. a good glass of Cisterna doc, one of the most representative wines of this area, produced using the Croatina grapes cultivated in this part of Monferrato only.

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