Date:February 19, 2016

Route of the Romanesque

The name of this hill area comes from the presence of the famous Romanesque churches, for the most part hidden in the quiet countryside. They were built from the Tenth to the Twelfth century in order to host commoners and pilgrims travelling on the Francigena way and astonish each visitor thanks to the rich symbolic decoration and delicate beauty.

There are three buildings forming the so-called “Golden Triangle of Romanesque” in the Province of Asti: the church of Saint Secondo in Cortazzone, the small church of Saints Nazario and Celso in Montechiaro d’Asti and the cemetery church dedicated to Saint Lorenzo in Montiglio.

You can also visit many historical towns, such as the village of Cocconato, which is famous for Robiola cheese, several kinds of salami, wines and the renowned Conbipel clothes factory, that was founded here; or the villages of Piea, Cortanze and Montiglio, that still preserve their ancient castles; or the old town of Montecharo, with the Civic Tower and the delicious hazelnuts cake.


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