Client:"Aceteria Merlino" Vinegar Producer
Date:February 18, 2016

“Aceteria Merlino” Vinegar Producer

aceteria merlinoVia Case Sparse – Castelnuovo Don Bosco (AT)

tel. +39 331 6891704 –

Since many years, this farm produces some kinds of vinegar using high – quality honey and wines, produced by mono grape varieties, as Barbera, Freisa and Moscato; the last one was known and mentioned in texts about Piedmontese cooking since the Eighteenth century. All these products are acidified using the ancient Orleans’ method, with a refinement of variable duration in oak wood barrels, in particular aiming at long ageing. In addition to vinegars, this farm produces velvet sauces, jams and boiled must, which are perfect to be combined with meat and cheese, or for adding an extra touch of taste to ice cream and desserts. This farm offers a large variety of balsamic condiments, naturally flavoured, and provides some famous chefs nationally. You will be able to visit the production area and make a delicious aperitif in the botanic garden of the farm, for tasting some recipes prepared with wine vinegar and balsamic condiments.


Special Offer: Gardeners for a day!

A special activity to acquire ability and techniques  to have more beautiful and good private spaces in our cities, such as terraces and gardens. This experience is dedicated to all the “green lovers” that want to create a corner for cultivating flowers and small bushes.

Each participant will receive what is necessary to carry out the planned activities (apron, scissors, small vases, seeds, topsoil, gloves).

Activity Plan: 

In the morning, breakfast tasting some kinds of tea and infusions here produced and theoretical lesson about Botany, especially to know the different kinds of plants and farming methods in the greenhouse; visit to the nursery and garden. 

Lunch time tasting some typical products and dishes prepared using aromatic herbs, matched wiht local wine; infusions and coffee.

In the afernoon, practical activity including sowing, scions preparation and re-potting.

At the end, “Gardeners for a day” certificate delivery . Every partecipant will receive as a gift all the products created together during the day and a short handbook for the “aspiring gardener”.

Rate for the whole plan: 25,00 euros per person.