A special tour among the suggestive landscapes of Monferrato, to know the wineries of excellence working in this territory.

Entrance to two wineries to visit the wine making rooms and the cellars used for the aging, with six glasses of wine tasting at the end. Among the typical wines from this area, which is famous especially for the red ones, there are “Barbera d’Asti docg” and “Ruchè di Castagnole Monferrato docg”; then Freisa, Grignolino and Malvasia.  Among the white wines, there are Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Cortese. It is possible to buy the bottles in the wineries directly.

For who wants to pair taste and culture, it is possible to have in addiction a guided tour service for half a day by a professional tourist guide. She gives to you not a whole assistance during the transfers and the activity, and you complete the tour together with her with a stop-over at a near heritage site (historical town/castle/museum and so on).

All year round, on request:

cocconato“CHEESE AND SALAMI TOUR”. A trip among the flavours of Monferrato, discovering Robiola cheese, the Raw Ham and the other valued kinds of salami from Cocconato. You can visit a farm to know these local production chains; the tour finishes with a taste of some kinds of cheese and salami matched to the wines of this land.

buttiglieraWINE TOUR”. A tour for discovering and tasting the most important wines from the “Lands of Saints”: “Freisa”, “Malvasia di Castelnuovo don Bosco” which is a light sparkling and sweet red wine, and “Albugnano”, produced with a rare kind of Nebbiolo grape. Entrance to 2 famous wineries and wine tasting.

villafranca“SALAMI & WINE TOUR”. A special food and wine itinerary which matches the selection of cold cuts to the most important wines from this area. Visit to a local farm to watch the steps of salami making; at the end there is a guided salami tasting by an expert of ONAS (Salami Tasters National Organization).

montemagno“BREAD & WINE TOUR”. A tour dedicated to the most genuine flavours of this territory, in the sing of tradition. Visit to a winery and taste, with the typical bread from Piedmont “grissia” as the protagonist. It will be transformed into bruschette (toasted bread topped with sauces, salami and much more), soma d’aj (topped with olive oil and garlic) and many other inviting tastes.

Piova_Massaia“MINT IN TOUR”. An itinerary among the local farms with the mint as the protagonist. Cooking classes by a chef to discover the various uses and gastronomic pairings of this precious aromatic herb.

logo2“SQUASH TOUR”. A gastronomic itinerary which matches the discover of DE.CO. squash to the other local products’ one. Visit to two farms where the squashes are grown and processed. Here also the traditional cookies from this village are produced; they are called “The biscuits of the two Saints”, because they are dedicated to the local patrons. In fact, the flour “torcetti” cookies are named for Saint Rocco, who is the patron of Dusino; the sweet corn flour “melighe” biscuits are dedicated to Saint Michele, the protector of the same name locality.

tiglioleDISCOVERING FASSONE OX”! A tour for who wants to know Fassone Ox, the refined bovine race from Piedmont, from the farming methods in the stables.. to the traditional recipes. The itinerary includes the entrance to a farm and at the end a taste of one or more cuts of this precious meat paired with the local wines.

piea“PUMPKIN TOUR”. A tour for gourmets that want to know the pumpkin world. Entrance to two farms to discover peculiarities and methods used to process the pumpkin from Monferrato; at the end pumpkin recipes tasting.

villanova“BLONDE CHICKEN TOUR”. An itinerary for who wants to enter a local farm and know the famous Blonde Chicken from Piedmont, one of the most original courtyard animals in this area of Monferrato. During the tour all the nutritional features of this meat.. At the end you can appreciate it enjoying a really tasty lunch.

castellero“HAZELNUT TOUR”. A walk dedicated to hazelnut among hazelnut trees, which combines the beauty of landscapes with the recollection of tradition and custom of local rural culture. During this tour crossing woods and fields thanks to some specific explicative panels, you can discover the life cycle of the hazelnut tree, from the plant to the harvest and processing of fruits. On request: a stop at two farms to know the machineries and tools used for harvest and processing.

calliano“WALKING WITH DONKEYS”. A route for families to experience a walk in company with a donkey to discover the features of this area of Monferrato thanks to an expert guide: the soil, the plants and some important officinal herbs. During this itinerary the life cycle and the processing of these herbs are explained… to finish with a stop at a farm specialized in this sector.

ferrereHONEY TOUR”. Visit to a beekeeper’s farm to know all the steps of the honey chain production, from the hive to the workshop. A sensorial emotion to enjoy tastes and flavours of Nature. During the visit there is the taste of different typologies of honey, as acacia, chestnut tree and lime kinds. You can match the honey to some kinds of cheese thanks to a guided taste by an expert from ONAF (Cheese tasters National Organization).

san_damiano“CAPON TOUR”. Entrance to a well-known farm to watch closer the refined Capons with their characteristic golden plumage and the tasty and delicate meat. The farmers raise these animals free and nourish them with natural corn produced by themselves exclusively. At the end, the Capon meat will be perfect to prepare soups, stuffed and roasted meats. On request: taste/lunch made of typical Capon recipes.

moncalvo“DISCOVERING THE CASTRATED OX”. A route among the breeding farms around Moncalvo to visit the stables and know all the secrets about this select animal. The itinerary includes the entrance to a farm with a taste of row and boiled meat paired with the local wines.