Client:Quadro Factory
Date:February 15, 2016

Quadro Factory

quadro carni e salumi

Strada Gherba, 2 – Ferrere (AT)

tel +39 0141 934124 – fax +39 0141 932977

Quadro factory represents a real flagship of gastronomy in Monferrato, and especially in the province of Asti. Triversa Valley preserves many grazing lands among vineyards and fields and is famous all along for the Piedmontese Fassone Ox and pigs breeding; the pork meat here is turned into a very large variety of sausages, from the traditional products to the innovative ones. Quadro factory peeps out in cooked salami making, a characteristic product of Low Monferrato, thanks to the use of traditional method exclusively and giving a big attention to the high quality of meat. Perfect as appetizer or for the aperitif, cooked salami in the cold season compares on the table cut in thick slices and warmed up, combined with potatoes mash tun, peas or lentils, like the more famous cotechino.