Client:“Luca Ferraris Agricola” – Winery, Castagnole Monferrato
Date:February 16, 2016

“Luca Ferraris Agricola” – Winery, Castagnole Monferrato


“Luca Ferraris Agricola” – Winery

Address: Via Al Castello, 14 – Castagnole Monferrato (AT)

Phone: (+39) 0141 292202

Ferraris Winery receives you in the village of Castagnole Monferrato, where a hills amphitheater leads the look up the highest tops of Alps.

Ferraris family started the activity in the Twenties and nowadays is one of the biggest farms in this area of Monferrato, thanks to its 28 hectares almost totally reserved to the grapevine growing.

Mister Luca Ferraris succeeded as the head of the company in 1999 and started a demanding work of renovation of the winery, opening a new producing area provided with innovative machineries, in order to obtain high quality wines exclusively.

Nowadays the winery produces 180.000 bottles about; Ruchè, that is the most characteristic wine of this zone of Monferrato, represents a third part of this production. It is becoming important internationally also thanks to this family, that continues to promote it and improve its quality.

However, the innovation did not forget the tradition: in the historical wine cellars located in the old town of Castagnole the Wine Museum was born.

The historical cellars were built in the Seventeenth century in bricks and preserves antique tools and object belonged to the family used in the vineyards and cellar in the past; you cannot miss the suggestive “infernot” excavated by hands into the row tufa directly.

Ferraris family waits for you for a tour of the winery and Museum and for making taste the best wines of this territory. It is possible to buy bottles in the winery’s store.

The tour of the winery and wine tasting matched with typical salami and cheese cost 10,00 euros per person.