“La Cascinetta” Farm and Bakery.

la-cascinetta“La Cascinetta” Farm and Bakery.

Address: Borgo Bianchi, 86 – 14019 Villanova D’Asti (AT)

Phone (+39) 0141 937058 – Mobile: (+39) 333 2629390 –  (+39) 333 5706543


In Villanova d’Asti where Monferrato Hills enclose the first plains around Torino, this special farm holiday receives you in a quiet corner of countryside… surrounded by the smell of bread..


“La Cascinetta” Farm owns several fields located in the area of Villanova and produces soft wheat and corn, using only traditional methods and in full compliance with the environment. Selecting the best varieties of cereals, the farm produces different kinds of stoneground flours, milled by the historical “Mulino Serra” in Moncucco Torinese.

Put together artisan method and innovation, in the farm you can find an ancient wood owen and a modern bakery workshop for transforming the flours here produced into bread, breadsticks, cookies and some other local specialties, symbols of  gastronomy and culture of this territory.

At the farm you can buy both the packaged products and the flours.

Opening times:

Friday and Saturday: 8,00-13,00 / 15,00-19,00

Sunday: 8,00-13,00


The “Cascinetta” also works as a breeding farm, including especially the “Gallina Bionda” (the Blond Chicken of Piedmont, Slow Food certificated) , the most characteristic animal of Villanova, and the valued “Fassone”, the traditional beef of Piedmont.

In the Educational Farm, subscribed to the “Campagna Amica” (“Friendly Countryside”)  project, adults and children can visit the stables and the rooms used for the processing, and try themselves in a funny bread making activity, called “From the grain to the bread”.

“Cascinetta” Farm is open all year round with its activities and receives children, students, summer camps, associations, groups of tourists, families and senior centres, diversifying the plans according to the specific necessities of visitors.